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The Huawei P40 is a top phone with some fantastic hardware combined to make a stunning experience when it comes to camera, battery life, and a variety of other top-end features you’ll want from a modern smartphone.

Much like every recent Huawei phone, the P40 is hampered by its software. The Huawei ban in the US has restricted the Chinese company’s use of the Google Mobile Services apps, so you’re now left with a much more limited experience.JUMP TO…

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That’s mostly owing to the lack of Google Play Store functionality, and while the Huawei AppGallery – the company’s alternative app store – does offer a number of apps, it’s hard for Huawei to compete with the Google behemoth that many developers have flocked to for years.

The P40 isn’t as high-end as either the Huawei P40 Pro or the Huawei P40 Pro Plus that were announced alongside it, but it’s still an impressive piece of hardware if you can overcome the software issues.

Huawei’s rear camera technology here is genuinely brilliant – especially considering the lower price of this device when compared to the P40 Pro – and the phone offers strong performance, as it uses a top-end chipset developed by the company.

It’s capable of 5G connectivity if you’re on a compatible plan, and it includes a lot of the features you’ll be looking for from a high-end phone in 2020.

So the glaring issue is simply the restriction in software, which makes the Huawie P40 a difficult product to recommend in markets such as the UK or Australia. To find out whether you can overcome or overlook this issue, you’ll probably want to read on for our full Huawei P40 review.


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